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Raising Awareness of the Truth

Awareness is the key to ones' mind's eye.

A truth:

"Darkness cannot drive-out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate  CANNOT  drive - out  hate;   ONLY  love  can  do  that,

                                                                    (Martin Luther King JR.)"



 Psychology is the study of behavior

and mind, embracing  all  aspects  of  human  experience;

It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand

individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.


Your life is up to you!


It's all psychology and everyone is in control of his or her own.


In fact, Everything starts with a thought



The Economy:

An economy is an area of the production, distribution or trade, and

consumption of goods 'n' services by different agents in a given geographical location.

The economic agents are and can be individuals, businesses, organizations, or governments.  

Transactions occur when two parties agree to the value or price of the transacted good or service, commonly expressed in a certain currency.



 Another truth: 

Not everyone has a healthy support system.  In fact, the homeless and the uncivilized people who disciplines

Him or herself to practice manners, earning and keeping a job; deserve higher minimum-wage and pay-raise incentives.


  I have a dream;

This gives me the ambition and initiative to legally,

Morally and properly accomplish the objectives to achieve my goal.



                     I hope to stimulate the ambitions of the less-than-fortunate Street People with inspirations (for a healthier and happier lifestyle), and to encourage the Frustrated People (who are improving his or her life by helping the Elderly People and our Veterans): "to keep-on keeping-on until the keeping-on keeps (James Christopherson, 1999- present)". I also hope to increase any advertising opportunities, Endorsements or Supporters and any assistance with my advertising expenses: (MSN/NBC, Fox News, ABC and CNN television networks. Google, LinkedIn, Facebook social medias. Coffee-cups, Tee-shirts, Ball-caps, Writing-pens etc.) Stimulating the awareness of the Law and Philosophy of Life stimulates the knowledge of such, stimulated knowledge stimulates thoughts and entertained thoughts become actions. At the end of the day, more thoughts and actions based on the Law and Philosophy of Life is what EVERYONE wants.

                     I believe 'a Rocky' like Rocky Balboa, for an example is a person who practices manners, humility, is patient or vulnerable to Life and works diligently for the deferred/better rewards. This person also understands that his or her spiritual-fueling attribute is: helping others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors. As 'a Rocky' kind of person, I believe that I'm paying forward as I address the less-than-fortunate Street People, the Frustrated People and any Endorsers or Sponsors.

                     Welcome to Encouraging the Truth organization's endeavor to 'Expedite evolving lives for Life message'. Furthermore, I thank each of y'all for your time, consideration and efforts towards improving lives for Life. There are many different cultures of people of different nations, and even though the cultures differ the common denominator is that people are people. People who respect him or herself are either a Gentleman (opposed to one who acts like just a man) or a Lady (opposed to one who acts like just a woman). The Golden Rule is the Law and Philosophy of Life, and a wise man or woman is referred to as a Gentleman or Lady.  So, don't say that you are a Gentleman or Lady and your conversations and/or actions prove you just a man or woman.

                     All people are brothers and sisters of the human-race, we are each unique and we are either wise or ignorant. However, the uncivilized have no-idea how well his or her lifestyle can become if he or she practices self-control, manners and achieving a prosperous career. The uncivilized have no idea how well his or her life can become if he or she practices self-control, manners, and achieving a prosperous career. Having set that stage, and moving forward from primitive racial and or bias beliefs built on gender and culture differences. I believe that I can now address both my civilized and uncivilized brothers and sisters.

                     Dear brother and sisters; my name, my clothes or how I wear my hair isn't important but what I say and/or practice is. In fact, everyone is defined by what he or she says and/or practices. Everyone eventually learns that Life is like a mirror, and a person receives or loses (multiplied) what he or she has invested or embezzled. Furthermore, there's only one constant in Life and that is change and the purpose of change is for evolution. Evolution from animals to humans is debatable, but evolving from the Flintstone's (and Rotary-phones) lifestyle to this information-age (computers and Smartphones) lifestyle is not. The people who don't change or adapt to become civilized and evolve seem to disappear. Concluding this fact, most of the uncivilized (and/or) closeminded people are dead or in prison. Noticing the number of the graves, homeless, MHMR clients and the populations of the prisons; it can easily be concluded that each one of us and our societies would benefit from there being more positive, peaceful and productive influential people in the many different environments. Environments like at home, the grocery aisles (Walmart), the commuting-ways, parking-lots (Walmart's Handicap parking-spaces) and people's work-places. I, you and many others are in a position or two where a positive, peaceful and productive attitude can be an inspiration. Furthermore, "to receive wellness a person must first pay forward wellness (Al Christopherson, 1972-present)". International Peace and eventually the Garden of Eden for all shall manifest AFTER most people observe the Insights, understand and practice good Golden Rule principle habits. So, collectively we can inspire a Positive, Peaceful and Productive change (in/of) ourselves and the societies for ourselves, our children and their children. In addition, I know that a person who isn't lazy and endeavors to do well (for Life or God) THEN the people who are in a position to help, without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors, can and are more likely to assist that person in his or her needs. In addition, the Politicians, Company owners, Bosses and Leaders or Employers (who appreciate those who can make the businesses run proficiently and produce profits) can stimulate their revenues and good-workers if they corporate a higher minimum-wage and pay-raise incentives

                     I'm not Jesus, but I've worked frustrating-jobs, been an Outlaw, used manners without being respected and furthered my education. Of which, equips me for my life and this opportunity to help evolve Life without enabling any enabling any dysfunctional behaviors. "If there is a Will then there's a way (Jerry L. Winningham, 1977-present)", and if I can do well after the life which I had lived THEN so can you! Here's the insight to my understanding how to help other become the most of his or her potential. I've lost every-material-thing which I've earned and many different-times. I've been shot, stabbed and left for dead more times than anyone who is still alive (this isn't including my hunting accident in 1976. Of which occurred when I was chasing a black-tailed buck-deer in southeastern Oregon, I ran off a rock-bluff, just before I stopped falling my 30-30 Winchester hit and discharged the soft-tip round which I had in the magazine. This round (or bullet) went through my right-thigh missing my bone, veins and arteries. This event was the last of my hunting passions, and my Will to make a Good 'n' Great difference in and of this world keeps me keeping-on. In addition, and after many years of my (know-it-all-youth) foolishness I can now be a good influence for many. This is a summary of the beginning of my evolving Dream. You can also see that a Vision (or Dream) is what keeps a person keeping-on! Regressing and moving forward; I've been forgiven for my poor actions, but I still cannot afford to pay my Trucking Insurance premiums. In addition, when I get pulled-over by the police they still search my vehicle for anything that may be illegal. So, excuses are like butt-hole's, everyone has one but not everyone uses such for an excuse to not try (or be lazy). In fact, when I'm down in Life with my life then I work to organize a plan to come-back-up and better than before. I achieve all the needs which I need to achieve to have order in my life. One of my first ambitions is to earnestly repay my debts, reduce the noise in my mind (Yoga) and help Elderly People who need, not want, help. People who want things don't have the Insight(s) therefore cannot understand and are then a liability (or parasite) to others as co-dependents (Love covers all wrongs: Proverbs Ch. 10:).  Another attribute is an academic discipline of always practicing manners and associating with the people and places which can prosper my efforts. Anyways: when I use manners, respect the Elderly while helping him or her to attain what is needed for a healthier life THEN the Universe or Life or God supplies me with the people who can help me to help myself.

                     If you love yourself and any others you'll agree with this endeavor. If you're able to Endorse Encouraging the Truth organization's: Expedite Evolving Lives for Life message (and/or) share with your circles of associates THEN you as the Salvation Army is, can help me to be the Inspirational and Encouraging example that can Inspire the less-than-fortunate Street People and encourage the Frustrated People to act like a Rocky. Yes, my life is improving as I endeavor to help others, and it shall excel as We promote the concept of this message. I'm not alone because EVERYONE is rewarded for doing well for Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind). Nobody wants to be the slave of another but some will do just-about anything for a fix of a drug (immediate gratification) or cigarette. All humans have a compulsive behavior, it's a fact! So, a Rocky driven type of spirit uses it to his or her advantage. It's not to one's advantage to help a socially-unacceptable drug-dealer to buy a new vehicle or home (they don't pay taxes, which help our Government help us to be the Great America and they help the destruction of the people who are without a healthy Goal). Likewise, it's not to our advantage to enable the tobacco industries to reduce our health. However, it is to our advantage to invest into ourselves by becoming slaves to a good, honorable or righteous Dream (or Vision) of his or her own. Speaking of a good, honorable or righteous Dream (or Vision) I'm fix en to share with everyone many of my Insights. Not for being self-righteous but to inspire and encourage others that your altitude or the past doesn't control the map to your future. However, a person's attitude and focus does. I'll never forget this Psychology shown in the 1976 Gumball Rally movie where Franco: said, " And now my friend, the first-a rule of Italian driving. [Franco rips off his rear-view mirror and throws it out of the car] and Franco: says, What's-a behind me is not important". Unless you like going backwards and missing best-turn opportunities.     I left PNS because I, being confined to a wheelchair, was tired of being the last person to use either the Handicap toilet or shower. In addition, a good asphalt construction company owner here in Ft Worth offered me my own motel-room if I would drive one of his company dump-trucks when not training his new drivers. This ended Monday March 6, 2017 when I underwent a successful total right-side hip-socket replacement surgery. The surgeon for this and my next is Wagner, Russell Alfred, MD. He, Doctor Lonergon, Frank R, MD my Practitioner, my RN Margo, The Salvation Army and their staffs are not only highly admired at JPS and the Ft Worth area communities but they are also my favorites :-)  I believe, these doctors, nurses, the Salvation Army staff are good stewards of what's important in Life and deserve more honor and extra tax-credits for helping America to be Great.



                     In the meantime I cannot ignore the needs of the many that are around me, here, in this Shelter; the people in the other shelters and the people who are still sleeping outside.  As I observed, I would ask myself, "How can anyone civilize the uncivilized without becoming rude in our civilized behaviors (Rocky C.)".  Well,  it's my opinion that for a manifold of reasons too many people have grown- up without experiencing healthy discipline or the practice of manners. Therefore he or she cannot understand the virtues & benefits of having or utilizing manners, being patient or earning and keeping a job. Let alone, knowing the real definition of honor!  In addition, I believe that this is why a majority of people are homeless or struggling and frustrated with Life. I also think that some of these people want answers, recovery from the results of not being aware and/or a better life with-in Life.  Furthermore, I believe that the wisest & healthiest way for these frustrated people to evolve is the Christian way.  I understand that there are ideas, statements and scenarios in Bible which are debatable or just unreasonable, but consider this analogy: The Spring & and fall seasons are my favorite because they are moderate and refreshing. The summer temperatures are mostly uncomfortably high and such increases my air-conditioning expenses. The winter temps are also uncomfortable but low and increase my heating expenses. However, some virtues & benefits of summer temps are the watermelons, cantaloupes, pumpkins, berries and many fruits; and some of the virtues & benefits of the winter temps are that it kills-off a host of insects like bed-bugs, and enriches the soil. Of which, is good for the new growth. Likewise, there are a manifold of valuable virtues & benefits received and enjoyed from believing and following the instructions of the Bible. So, persevere and (as a matter to say) set your vision for the view from the top of the mountain or a Heavenly future. Remember that our own lives' follow our own thoughts. So, think about being next to a Palm tree (like the one on my business-card), having no worries and relaxing like Jimmy Buffet can. Enjoy this imagination, practice this often and you'll become a peaceful and relaxed person with some ambition. "Think about these things and the God of Peace will be with you, (Philippians 4:8 in the Bibles)”.  As a frustrated person becomes a mature Christian then that person can and will enjoy the virtues & benefits of helping others.

                     We should always remember that all people receive positive from positive, and only a few see the treasures of another. Remember being mad at your mom or dad for spanking the daylights out of you for crossing the street without looking for danger first. Well, many of us who value his or her life within Life and respect the lives of others learn to appreciate those growing-pains because of the virtues and benefits. As a truck-driver: I'm usually doing well at supporting my life, affording a fraction of the desired advertising expenses of Encouraging the Truth organization's message and helping others. In fact, I thought I was a hero giving my time and money to others. Especially the Elderly People who were in need not want. In addition, some of the people who knew me would say, that I had the world by the tail. This fueled my eagerness, I was always in a hurry and as a sort to say, I never had time to enjoy the flowers along the way. Unfortunately for any of my immediate gratifications I must now endure a growing experience. However, such should help me to slow-down as a truck-driver, avoid people and places and things which entice practicing or condone the practicing of immediate gratifications (or drugs) and enable myself to absorb the Insights and with the resulting understanding write an awesome essay. An awesome essay can entice others to seek the Insights which create the understanding of how to become the most of his or her potential.

                            Life/ God/the Universal Consciousness or Mind has chosen us, our relationships and our social circles as important functions for the evolutions needed for evolving the brainpower's of the world. I refer to this body as the Universal Consciousness or Mind of Life. Christians refer to this as the Christ Mind of God and the Islamic religions refer to this as just Allah. Furthermore, it is my opinion that the United Nations shall become the government of this world. People will either be a politician, a service person or a slave.  I don't recommend a politician's lifestyle because I think that these people shall either be assassinated or commit suicide because of greed or an unsatisfied life. If I'm here that long, I shall be a truck driver serviceman for the government of the Life to come. I say this to motivate people to plan ahead, choosing to be a service person rather than a politician or a slave.

                            Our lives' affect relationships, relationships affect communities, communities affect a state, a state can affect a country and a country can affect the world. People's lives', relationships, a community, a state and a country are each unique and important parts of the world. Similar to the parts of a human body, each part has a unique and important function for evolving the brainpowers of the body. Everyone can learn that each of us has a sliver of Life/God/the Universal Consciousness (or Mind), we are from such and we return to such. Our purposes, here, are to learn and refine talents and traits. The end-result is to evolve Life/God/the Universal Consciousness (or Mind). I think that the question which most people asks him or herself is this, "What can I do to have the force of Life/ God/the Universal Consciousness (or Mind) supporting me instead of hindering me" because some spirits' return to another's life, not as reincarnation but as reusable intelligent energies like you and I.  Other spirits' return to Life in the life of a dog, a cow or a tree etc. The spirits' which were and are bad are the spirits' which go to the less than desirable places like an animal or a bush or even a tree etc. The latter spirits will have enough time to observe and desire the Good Orderly Direction (GOD) of Life.  I am a Rocky, in fact, it is my name, I honorably wait for my turn, I work hard, practice manners and am patient with life or others. With your help this message can soon encourage others to act like a Rocky. Furthermore, Rocky is a winning-team lifestyle.

                  Eastern and western hemisphere religions like Islam and Christianity for example are similar but conflict, and in my opinion promote hostility and subgrouping. The central hemisphere or Chinese beliefs (Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism) promote harmony and peace; they are more tolerant of others and philosophical. I grew-up in a Christian environment; it didn't take me twenty years to learn who Santa or the Tooth fairy was and to understand the law of Life; Of which is reiterated @ Matthew 7:12.  My life within Life has me fusing with the Chinese and Ingenious culture beliefs.  However, the common denominator of these major religions is based-off the Philosophy of Life. Whether it's referred to as Karma, Cause and effect, or Reaping what's sowed. The truth is: the Golden Rule People knowingly or unwittingly create and control his or her own life within Life, we influence others and what goes around comes around. It has also been determined that people have lives’ within Life “ye are gods and children of the Most High God (Bibles)”. I believe that when the body (or vehicle) is exhausted for whatever reason, the bodies which are flesh are then recycled through the earth. At the same time every soul returns to the Universal Consciousness or Mind to evolve Life with its contemporary skills of learning and refining of talents ‘n’ traits. So, when we do well for others this helps Life/God/the Universal Consciousness (or Mind), and this is why it is so important to do well to and for others - first!  Furthermore, this evolutionary movement not only can evolve an individual's life but shall ultimately evolve Life / God / the Universal Consciousness (or Mind).  

                            I believe that people are similar to computers. Computers follow a list of commands referred to as programming software, and peoples lives' follow the results of his or her-own Influence Matrix (IM). So, input is essential to the output. This concept already inspires many to regulate his or her influences by furthering his or her education. Encouraging the Truth Organization’s primary suggestions are to learn and employ: an American's Constitutional Rights, the Indigenous Culture or Chinese Beliefs, good Golden Rule Principles and Good Accounting.  In fact, the Truth is, the Golden Rule! Yep, if flower-seeds are planted THEN flowers come around, if vegetable-seeds are planted THEN vegetables come around and if wellness is planted to or for others THEN wellness comes into the planter's life but if bad is done to or for others THEN the planter will be sad. This is the key and the Golden-Rule is the lock and now we know how to control a person's life.

                     It has been determined that my sharing several equations for evolving lives' for Life is a positive effort to help many to become the best which he or she can be. Speaking of which, observe the information at this website, send an email if you like and visit again ‘n’ again because this website is constantly evolving.  Knowing that we are responsible for the condition of the world, consider joining this positive and peaceful and productive effort to evolve lives’ for Life. The time is coming when people will be able to sit and watch this evolution take over, and either having the honor of helping or wish that he or she had helped.  Our freedom was earned and those who might want International Peace or as the Christians would say, “the Garden of Eden” then he or she can help inspire the planting of the seeds for harmony, without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors in one, two and/or three ways: One, is by implementing good Golden rule principles; two, by  promoting and advertising the Encouraging the truth organization’s message(s) and/or three, by donating to Encouraging the Truth organization to help with the advertising expenses.  Thank you, in advance for your enabling Encouraging the Truth organization's abilities to help the world to evolve.  Furthermore, we the people must remain aggressive toward those who endanger people's life's liberty and pursuit of happiness. Understanding that nuclear-bombs eat away at the earth's only ozone layer and no one or body of this world has the right to do so for the rest.  So, We The People of America by Donald Trump must be proactive.  Speaking of being proactive, I've observed the following organizations and groups of people being proactive:


Community Connections

Compassion of Christ Ministries ,   

Beautiful Feet Church ,


Tim Lee Ministries ,

When We Love ,

 Willow Park Baptist Church,

Victory Temple Ministries ,

 And others. 


                 Not only are the above groups of people giving his or her gratitude to Life / God / the Universal Consciousness (or Mind) and others for his or her enlightenment(s) but he or she is also paying forward for his or her own future blessings. You see, Life is like a mirror; each person receives or loses multiplied what he or she had invested or embezzled.  Again, I ask myself "how can anyone or thing civilize the uncivilized without being rude" Well, many are doing well to feed, clothe and provide hygiene necessities. In addition, Beautiful Feet Ministries has shown a couple different inspirational Christian-movies. In addition, Victory Temple Ministries came around; picked-up I and others Then brought us to their Victory Church for Thanksgiving-day feast and celebrations. What a joy that was, and I believe that all of those were/are good influences. However, I also believe that providing influences like the Lion King-movie (etc.) and/or videos of Recovering from Addiction seminars like the one's which "Hollywood Henderson" produced. Remember, he was released from the Dallas Cowboys because of his addiction to drugs. However, he went-on to encourage others to abstain from the immediate gratifications of drugs because such would deprive the users' of becoming the best of his or her potential. Anyways, I believe that the purpose of those as well as pep-talks from the local and professional Football, Basketball or Baseball players would and could kindle more of the needed motivation and ambitions to strive the less-than-fortunate people to learn and use manners. Likewise, such would and could inspire the homeless to earn and keep a job for the effort of becoming a healthy person with a dream. Furthermore, the next-step would be an organized Therapeutic Communities like the 6-month program offered by the Victory Temple Ministries. The end result would and could evolve the "Street People" of Ft Worth Texas and/or any other community to healthy or healthier and productive or more productive tax-paying citizens.

                     Psychologists have determined that habits control a person and three practices like meditating or praying three-times a day starts a good habit. The habit of being grateful achieves many virtues/benefits. Good habits come from good practices, and bad results come from poor choices.  So, like my friends Gayla & Jesse Jones did & do, practice Integrity and harmony with thyself and others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors.  Our freedom was earned and so shall the virtues/benefits of improving lives for Life.  I believe that few people enjoy climbing the mountains, but everyone likes the view from the top. I would like to advertise with Wal-Mart stores because I think this is what they have done for us. "We save people money so they can live better, (Wal-Mart Corporate)".  With your help, we can make a good difference for the future of mankind.  In addition to my recent and non-permanent physical disability, I thank all of you who agree and can promote and/or pay forward your advertising expenses assistance. For those who have yet been able to help with the advertising abilities and expenses then you may do so by proceeding to PayPal seal down below, using any bank debit-card or major credit-card and paying forward your financial assistance to encouragingthetruth@gmail.com for advertising expenses.  In conclusion, each of you should know and expect to receive assistance in/with any healthy need from Life / God / the Universal consciousness or Mind, which you may have.


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