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Hello and Welcome to my Encouraging the Truth website.  My goal is to leave this world a better place for the next generations. In doing this my endeavors’ are to enrich the societies of our world by persuading everyone to become less co-dependent and more self-reliant. We are all held accountable for our lives, actions, and statements; Right!  So, the people who are self-reliant can control most of his or her consequences and lifestyles. The Universe has chosen us, your relationships and your social circles as important functions for the evolutions needed for evolving the brainpowers of the body: (http://www.bing.com/search?q=evolving+the+brainpowers+of+the+body&src=IE-SearchBox&FORM=IENTTR&conversationid=/.  It has been determined that our sharing several equations for evolving lives for Life is a positive effort to help many to become the best which he or she can be. Speaking of which, observe the information at this website, send an email if you like and visit again because this website is constantly evolving.  

 If you share my vision you can perceive that I am promoting harmony and eventually world peace. If this interest’s you then you'll like to enjoy some John Lennon music to enhance your unique and valuable perception of our encouraging the truth message(s): https://www.pandora.com/station/play/3055163461294575112/ as you observe the following information (remember to return to the tab which you were observing. The music continues, as you are observing another tab.


           Thank you for your time, consideration and efforts toward improving lives for Life.  Our lives affect relationships; our relationships affect communities; our communities affect our state; our state affects our country and our country affects the world.  Similar to the importance of each part of the human body has a unique and important function for brainpowers of the body. So too we are all important to the conditions of this world. In addition, the Bible refers to the godhead: http://www.bing.com/search?q=%2F%2Fhttps%3A%2Fwww.brainpowers%20of%20the%20body%2F&qs=n&form=QBRE&pq=%2F%2Fhttps%3A%2Fwww.brainpowers%20of%20the%20body&sc=0-36&sp=-1&sk=&cvid=68709C93FAC44E069FA4D113DE925E2B/.

          This website is designed to encourage the frustrated people to learn and practice the Christian way; to encourage the Christians to persevere the delayed Golden rule (or karma) results of his or her past to learn the insights’ needed to develop understanding because understanding is needed to become a good leader. In addition, I’d like to encourage the leaders, who know and understand the truth, to enhance his or her understanding by choosing to observe the Japanese Zen Buddhist Philosophy: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/japanese-zen/ With this priceless enhancement people can evolve in harmony, world peace and closer to becoming God’s head:  http://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionary/godhead/. It has been determined that we are all brothers and sisters of the human race. Having shared that truth I can now greet and salute each of you as a respectable brother or sister.

Dear brothers and sisters, my name, my clothes or how I wear my hair is not important, but what I say and/or do is.  In fact, everyone is defined by what he or she says and/or does. Having said that let me also reminds everyone: that our lives’ follow our own thoughts: http://www.bing.com/search?q=our%2Blives%2Bfollow%2Bour%2Bown%2Bthoughts&qs=n&form=QBRE&pq=our%2Blives%2Bfollow%2Bour%2Bown%2Bthoughts&sc=0-33&sp=-1&sk=&cvid=87C467FCE65443CB9D7A9883FC2B8BA4%20/%20 and the harmony of our thoughts affect Life - God or if you share my unique  perception: it is the Universal Consciousness. Furthermore, we each have a sliver of the Universal Consciousness; we’re from this, for this and return to this.


   It has been determined that when a person gives money, food and/or water then that person will consume it and want more. However, should a person gives another a fishing pole and educate him or her as to how to implement the art of fishing then the receiving  person will be able to feed his or her own needs. Furthermore, this person who is, now, in debt to the Universal Consciousness (or God, if you like) for such a gift can repay by passing such tools to another who would have need.  The fractions and suburbs of this city are similar to the countries of this planet. All of which, are similar to a human’s body.  Each fraction, community, state and country is like a part of the human body. Each has a unique and important function for evolving the brainpowers of the body. Hopefully and with your help this message shall soon affect everyone and everywhere. In addition, it has been determined that we are all family of the human race.   Having shared that truth I can now greet & salute each one of you as an honorable brother and/ or sister.

 Always remember that all people receive positive from positive and only a few see the treasures of another. Remember being mad at your mom, dad / mother or father for spanking the daylights out of you for crossing the street without looking for danger first. Well, many of us who value Life, the lives’ of others now appreciate those pains. I’d like to add that few people enjoy climbing the mountains, but everyone likes the view from the top.  Myself, well, I am always in a hurry, not having time to enjoy the aroma of the flowers along the way.  As a result, and that is why I am usually supporting my life and this organization as a truck driver. The people who knew of me, from my childhood would say “that I had the world by the tail”.  In fact, I thought that I was a hero (giving my time and money to others, especially older people who was in need, not want) and now I think like I'm like a zero compared to before. So, let’s say that I’ve recently been pruned.  Anyways, two and more years ago I felt like a hero, the trucking Brokers loved me and I was proud.  As of two years ago I had too many tickets and accidents for me or the trucking companies to afford my insurance coverage.  As a result, I was forced to do labor- jobs (I never finished my colleges for degrees because, . Well, that's not important, but for me to work for minimum wage was and is.  Anyways, I'm a reduced Trucker to a laborer (how many people are proud to work hard and honestly for the pay?) Well anyways, and regressing back to the idea which I started. I'll have need to wait for two or three years from 09-25-2014 until I'm insurable again.  Furthermore, I started a limp in my step, soon after I become a laborer two years ago.  As of Aug 14, 2016 I was restricted to a wheelchair because I couldn't handle the pain of standing or walking for more than a minute.  On Aug 17, 2016 I began the 'Moving- on' program in a prestigious night- shelter of Fort Worth Texas (the nurse in this night shelter, for JPS is Alicia. She cares about the welfare of others and she gave me a new wheelchair. Thank you  Alicia.)  In September I learned from a JPS orthopedic surgeon that I'll need to have both my right & left hip- socket joints replaced. The right- side needs to be replaced immediately, I hope this shall be soon (?) and then (if there are no complications, and there shouldn't be) then the left side within two or three months.     In the meantime I cannot ignore the needs, which I can observe, for the many that are around me, the people in the other shelters and the people who are still sleeping outside.  As I observed, I would ask myself, "How can anyone civilize the uncivilized without being rude".  Well, after much thought, and it is my opinion that for a manifold of reasons too many people have grown- up without experiencing healthy discipline or the practice of manners. Therefore he or she cannot understand the virtues of having or utilizing manners, being patient or earning and keeping a job.   In addition, I believe that this is why a majority of people are homeless or struggling and frustrated with Life.   Furthermore, I think that these people want answers, recovery from the results of not being aware and a better life.     In conclusion, I believe that the wisest & healthiest way for these frustrated people to evolve is the Christian way.  I understand that there are ideas & statements in Bible which are debatable or just unreasonable.  Consider this analogy: The Spring & and Fall seasons are my favorite because they are moderate and refreshing.  The summer temperatures are mostly uncomfortably high and such increases my air-conditioning expenses.  The winter temperatures are also uncomfortable but low and increase my heating expenses.  However, some virtues/ benefits of summer temps are the watermelons, cantaloupes, pumpkins, berries and many fruits; and some of the virtues/ benefits of the winter temps are that it kills-off a host of insects and enriches the soil. Of which, is good for the new growth.   Likewise, there are a manifold of valuable virtues/ benefits received and enjoyed from believing & following the instructions of the Bible.  So, persevere and set your vision for the view from the top of the mountain (or a Heavenly future.  As you become a mature Christian then you too can enjoy the gifts of helping others. Not only are these people: http://www.compassionofchristministries.com/, http://www.communityconnectionsinc.org/, http://www.fortworth.com/listings/beautiful-feet-ministries/7498/, and others) giving his or her gratitude for such, but they're also paying forward for his or her future blessings. Can you see that Life is like a mirror and that a person receives multiplied what he or she has invested or embezzled?  

How can anyone or thing civilize the uncivilized? Well, most are doing well, but I believe that therapeutic communities,  providing influences like the Lion King movie (etc.) and  Recovering from addiction broadcasts like the Hollywood Henderson who was released from the Cowboys because of his addiction to drugs. However, he went on to encourage others to abstain from the immediate gratifications which deprive the users’ of becoming the best at his or her potential. 

          Awareness of the truth is the key to controlling Thy-self’s life.  Of which, enables a person with the insight to understand why, he or she has the lifestyle which is presently being experienced.  With this insight a person understands how to create and control most of his or her own future lifestyle and experiences.  There are many different cultures of people of different nations, and even though cultures differ the common denominator is that people are people. Some people are wise or foolish and male or female and young or old but all are people.  Eastern & western hemisphere religions (Islam and Christianity for example) are different and in my opinion promote hostility and subgrouping. The central hemisphere or Chinese beliefs (Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism) promote harmony & peace; they are more tolerant of others and philosophical. I grew-up in a Christian environment; it didn't take me twenty years to learn who Santa or the Tooth fairy was and understand the law of Life (reiterated @ Matthew 7:12).  My life and my furthered education of 'Worlds religions' have me growing in the Chinese & Ingenious culture beliefs.  However, the common denominator of these major religions is based-off the Philosophy of Life. Whether it's referred to as Karma, Cause and effect, or Reaping what's sowed; it's The Philosophy of life, and of which is the Golden Rule.  People unwittingly or knowingly create and control his or her own life, we influence others, and what goes around comes around and multiplied.  It sucks to be used and abused (I know) but it shall be worse for those who use people for selfish gains.  I am qualified to inspire harmony with thyself and others to promote harmony & International Peace.  Follow Encouraging the Truth's endeavor to evolve lives' for Life. 

             Those who might want International Peace (or as the Christians would say), the Garden of Eden can help inspire the planting of the seeds for harmony, without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors in one and/or two ways: One, is by implementing good Golden rule principles (and/or) two, can be by donating to Encouraging the truth organization to help with advertising expenses. A person doesn’t need a psychotherapist to help thy-self to become a better person and achieve the goals which he or she wants.  Insights; if it works it must be NLP (or) Infinite Minds.  There’s only one constant in Life and that is change. The purpose is for evolution. People who do not change, become civilized and evolve seem to disappear.  Furthermore, most of the uncivilized and/ or close minded people are dead or in prison. Noticing the populations of the prisons, it has been concluded that society would benefit from there being a positive, peaceful and productive Hitler in prison (this is not me. However, I and others are in a good position to practice advertising positive attitudes and inspiring clichés’) because influences are the base for why a person does what he or she does.  It has also been determined that if a person will change thy thinking they'll ultimately change his or her own life.  Insight: what a person tells him or she manifests into reality.  Furthermore, We the People must remain aggressive towards those who endanger people’s lives' liberty and his or her pursuit of happiness.  Understanding that Nuclear bombs eat away at the ozone layer, and that no one or body of this world has the right to do so for the rest.  We, (the leading country) America, must be proactive.   

          It has been determined that people have lives within Life "ye are gods and children of the highest God (Bibles)".  I believe that every soul returns to the Universal intelligence to evolve Life when the vehicle (or body) is exhausted for whatever reason  Then it's recycled, and not as reincarnation, but as reusable intelligent energy (This would explain why the children are advanced, but uneducated.)  In addition, such not only evolves an individual's life but ultimately evolves  Life or God or the Universal- Mind or the Universal-Consciousness (Depending on different & unique perceptions).  Furthermore, people make his or her own bed and dig his or her own grave (As a matter of speaking).  Remembering that Psychologists have determined that habits control people, and three practices (like meditating or praying three times a day) starts a habit.  Good habits come from good practices, and bad results come from poor choices.  So, like my friend Jesse Jones does - practice Integrity and harmony with thy-self and others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors.  Furthermore, International Peace and eventually the Garden of Eden for all shall manifest as the people observe the insight, understand and practice good Golden Rule habits.  So, collectively we can inspire a Positive, Peaceful and Productive change in society for ourselves, our children and their children. Ultimately this can result in the Garden of Eden

            In addition, my education from different colleges taught me that people are similar to computers.  I believe that computers follow a list of commands referred to as a program (or software), and peoples lives' follow the results of his or her own influences.  So, input is essential to the output. This inspires many to regulate his or her influences by furthering his or her education.  However, a person who disciplines him or herself to regulate his or her own influences shall ultimately regulate his or her own life.  Let's not forget that people are gods and children of the highest God.

          I also believe that many people are born into slavery. Too many people are slaves to his or her-own body; and, too many people are slaves to other bodies or primitive beliefs.  We all start-out with unique personalities, passions, and strengths. As we grow up (and outUndecided), our potential is often diminished by fear, shame, anger, unworthiness, perfectionism, and other self-defeating patterns.  These patterns shape our feelings about ourselves and the roles we play to keep us feeling safe. Imagine if you could step out from behind your “mask”, reclaim your magnificence, and ignite your potential in every part of your life? (When Encouraging the Truth Organization has matured, we'll leave a legacy of inspiring the evolution to the sustainable happiness of International Peace.


            I'd like to thank anyone who did nominate (http://www.encouragingthetruth.org/) to the Norwegian Nobel Committee  for inspiring harmony and International Peace.   If  encouraging the truth organization should win- Then the Internet and many billboards along the major highways and byways all around the world in different languages shall advertise that The Golden rule Rules Life.  In addition, I would also like to advertise with Wal-Mart stores because I think this is what they have done for us. "We save people money so they can live better, Wal-Mart Corporate".  With your help we can make a good difference for the future of mankind. What a great honor this is for me and the many who agree and support Encouraging the Truth organization.  Furthermore, and after I've matured the publishing of Rocky C's Bible and supplied many of our self-help programs & incarceration facilities (Federal, State, Counties & local Communities)  Then I'd use the proceeds to further this evolutionary movement. In addition, I'd like to be available to aid people who suffer from the storms of Life.  Furthermore, I look forward to doing Seminars and Webinars for others to lead by helping.  Again, I thank y'all for all that you did and do for helping us to being able help others.

           We thank everyone for his or her emails'.  Furthermore, Life (or God, if you must) is grateful for your assistance in the advertising expenses. For those who have yet been able to help with advertising expenses then you may do so by proceeding to "Paypal", using any major credit card and paying forward your financial assistance to encouragingthetruth@gmail.com for inspiring harmony.  I'd also like to encourage you to, like myself, plant seeds by actions to others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors for International Peace and eventually the Garden of Eden because the Glory follows the pains.  


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           In conclusion, Encouraging the Truth Organization or Rocky Christopherson's primary suggestions are to learn and employ your Constitutional Rights, the Indigenous Culture Beliefs, good Golden Rule Principles and Good Accounting.  In addition, observe and learn Psychology's: "Why people do what he or she do",  Furthermore, observe the Japanese Zen Buddhist Philosophy, and consider the art of  Japanese Zen. Because the Golden rule of Life states: that which goes around comes around and multiplied.



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