Encouraging the Truth organization 

Raising Awareness of the Truth


(the Truth which sets people free from sub-groups and other primitive beliefs).


Below are seeds to evolving: 



As a result of observing the messages of this website,
your mind's eye is stimulating your nueral transmitters.
any of a group of chemical agents released by the transmitters (nerve cells) to
stimulate neighbouring neurons or muscle or gland cells,
thus allowing impulses to be passed from one cell to the next through the synapse.
The synapse is the river of coolant which cools the transmissions. Of which, is clear or polluted by one's diet.
Therefore, becoming overweight isn't the main reason for abstaining from sodas (especially diet-sodas) or
leaving bread (Yeast), sugars and processed-foods out of one's diet. This health-habit takes practice, but is attainable for EVERYONE! 
This is the root or the beginning of a person's capacity to become his or her best.
Investing kind regards to all, a brain is one's tool for all. (With the brain one can: practice self-control, 
rid the body of Toxins , regulate his or her own diet and communicate with thy Intuition).
You are, now, beginning to become the most of your potential. 
A person's best achievements manifest from the habits of  both practicing good Golden Rule principles
(this places one in harmony with his or her Intuition a.k.a: Jesus, your Spirit or God)
and the joint efforts of both you and your Intuition. Learn from the Antarctia Secrets, Deeper yet .
This relationship is why meditation practices are so beneficial. In fact, the Police do this:
["Be still and know that I (one's Intuition) am god, Psalm 46:10"] 
Ask your own Intuition.
In fact, Ye are of (your Intuition-Spirit-) God, little children, and have overcome them:
because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.


If you are a person who I've been able to help morally (physically or financially) for Life,

I'm honored to repay Life (my higher-self) for what Life (my higher-self) has done, and continues to do for my abilities to encourage the Truth.

I believe (for an example) that too-many buy & sell  fish, but don't learn or teach how to fish. Lol? 

Well, I also believe that too-many are distracted from the most important ingrediant's of Life. 

Important ingrediant's of Life are: 

the knowledge & understanding of the only Law & Philosophy of Life (AKA):

The Golden Rule, and

his or her needed relationship with the Intuition (Your higher-self, Jesus, your Spirit or God).

Of which is the recipe to everything important within this Life.

Then a person can become the most of his or her potential and fulfill one's purpose of life in/for Life.

Flower-seeds beget's flowers, vegetable-seeds beget's vegetables, good beget's good and bad beget's bad.

Instead of the one's who endeavor to deteriorate America, I hope

you'll earn the most of your Potential (Greatness) and help to make America great again.

Life teaches the successful, that the Truth (AKA: The Golden Rule) is the only Law & Philosophy of Life,

and how necessary- one's relationship with his or her Intuition (Jesus, your Spirit or God) is valid. 

Everyone benefits and shall make a positive difference in this world as he or she promotes the Truth. 

The wisest are the people who know, understand and by paying forward with his or her abilities to

Help to make America great again by controlling healthy diet's, influences and promoting the Truth. 

Of which, can create great life's, great families, great communities and a great America.

Whether you refer to it as Karma, cause 'n' effect or reaping what is sown.

Remember that the only Law and Philosophy of Life is:


(i.e. Sooner or later, that which goes around comes around.)



 Psychology is the study of behavior

and mind, embracing  all  aspects  of  human  experience;

It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand

individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.



A truth:

"Darkness cannot drive-out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate  CANNOT  drive - out  hate;   ONLY  love  can  do  that.

                                                                        (Martin Luther King JR.)"


I Too Have A Dream (or Vision)

Using my mind, communicating with my higher-self, and not using or depending on others.

This gives me the ambition and initiative to legally,

Morally and properly accomplish the objectives to achieve my Dream (or Vision).

Psychology, it has been said that EVERYTHING starts with a thought.

Well, every thought is developed from influences and emotions caused by such.

So, a person who chooses to regulate the quality of his or her life must control his or her own influences.

Example, are those who experience higher educations. Of which, expands the abilities by developing the minds eye. 

EVERYONE  except for some children have the ability to control his or her own INFLUENCES. 

Encouraging the Truth organization's endeavors are to help the ingrediants of America achieve greatness.
Everyone benefits. So, wouldn't you like to help us, to encourage every american to become great again?
If so, then you can help by promoting the Truth and/or donating to encouragingtheTruth.org/
Remember that the more one see's an auto advertisment (for an example: Ford or Chevy),
increases the more he or she thinks and talks about such Then and eventually it is purchased. 
Well, we need to pay forward by sharing with others. We do this by advertising "the awareness of the Truth AKA: The Golden Rule", and we all benefit.
Thanks for your time, consideration, and efforts. Each of  you are paying forward towards the Great America of great people. 
We're leaders, and our lifestyle's echo in both our present and future's. With our good reports we can inspire the rest of the world.   
I'm encouraging all to eat more seafood because of the extraordinary health which Omega-3 fatty acid's provide. 
Consuming more seafood can help a person live better and have a better, more positive outlook on Life.
Let's not settle for an ordinary-life when we are able to create an extra-ordinary life. 


                Welcome to Encouraging the Truth organization's endeavor to 'Expedite evolving life's for this Life- message. This message is a seed of harmony, International Peace and the key to become all that a person can desire. Furthermore, thank each of you for youfor time, consideration and efforts toward helping people to achieve the most of his or her potential. Furthermore, my first desire is that our efforts, perceptions and my story help others, like N. Korea, to live in harmony for doing good and living well. Furthermore, I discourage subgroups, promote harmony and peace (like the Chinese). In addition, I'd like to encourage people to be less-codependent and more self-reliant. I also hope to encourage the Frustrated People, like those who are improving his or her life by helping the Elderly, our Veterans and those suffering from the extreme Climate control "to keep-on keeping-on until the keeping-on: keeps (James Christopherson, 1999- present)". I Really hope to advertise with giant banners,  pulled bi-wing airplanes, which read "Pay forward your respect or disrespect thy self with the Law and Philosophy of Life AKA The Golden Rule; Promoted by Encouragingthetruth.org".  I also hope to increase any advertising opportunities, Endorsements or Sponsors and any assistance with my advertising  abilities and expenses: (MSN, NBC, Fox News, ABC and CNN television networks. In addition: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Classmates.com social Medias. Other helpful advertising options as seen below: Coffee-cups, Ball-caps, Tee-shirts, Writing-pens etc. As-the-world-turns, stimulating the awareness of the Law and Philosophy of Life (A.K.A: The Golden Rule) stimulates knowledge. Stimulated knowledge stimulates thoughts and entertained thoughts become actions. At the end of the day, more thoughts and actions based on the Law and Philosophy of Life (A.K.A: The Golden Rule) is what EVERYONE wants. If you'd like and are in position to help Encouraging the Truth organization, advertise this message with others- financially then click- on the PayPal donate button below. If you'd like to share any constructive suggestions, then email us at encouragingthetruth@gmail.com . With your help, we can improve the morals and values of many. Concluding this EVERYONE benefits. 


             Below are some of the advertising items which I designed to promote peaceful thoughts and raise awareness of the Truth: "The Law and Philosophy of Life (AKA: The Golden Rule)".



The right or left-handed mug is designed for dual-purposes.

The possessor enjoys the peaceful thoughts generated
by the influence of the design.

On the other-side is advertising
the only Law & Philosophy of Life, AKA:
The Golden Rule. 


When ordering with your donation,
state weither you want:
right or left-hander cups.
This is a left-hander's cup,
the opposite for a right-hander is also avalable
My cost for each one: $15.00 plus shipping


                  Through-out this website, especially my story I'll share many pertinent facts which I learned from my Higher-Self, experiencing Colleges. I'll disclose a pertinent biography of my life which gave me the Insights and Experiences which developed the concrete understanding of the Truth (The Law and Philosophy of Life, AKA: THE GOLDEN RULE), and my desire to cut the fat (as a sort to say) in/of Life for what's important. I'm not boasting because I'm ashamed of sum of my young/poor choices; however I'm proud to be free of those vices, socially acceptable, still alive and willing to help others. Furthermore, I've been there, done that, still have a pair of boots and a couple belt-bucklesSealed.  However and similar to driving a vehicle, my focus isn't behind me (in the rear-view mirror) or at what can't be changed, but where I'm going and at what I can control. All of these qualify me to denounce Gangs or sub-groups and to encourage others to live in harmony for what is equally good for all. In the conclusion, and presuming that we're on the same page (and for EVERYONE's benefit) I'll ask you to help spread the awareness of the Truth in any of the many diverse ways.



My cost for each one : $17.00 plus shipping


                   I believe that people are unique in many diverse ways. U2's. However, each of us is also like a computer. Computers follow a list of commands referred to as programing software, and people's lives follow the results of his or her own Influence Matrix (IM). Therefore, input is essential to output. This concept already inspires many to regulate his or her lifestyle by the influences of furthering his or her education. There are many diverse cultures of people of different nations and even though the cultures differ the common denominator is that people are people. The people who respect him or herself are either a Gentleman (opposed to one who acts like just a man) or a Lady (opposed to one who acts like just a woman), The Golden Rule is the Law and Philosophy of Life. So, and as a result nobody wants to say that he or she is a Gentleman or a Lady but the conversations and/or actions prove him or her to be just an uncivilized man or woman.    In addition, I also believe 'a Rocky' kind of person like Rocky Balboa characterized by Sylvester Stallone, for examples are people with Integrity who practices manners, humility, is patient or vulnerable to Life and works diligently for the deferred/better rewards. A Rocky kind of person also understands that his or her spiritual-fueling attribute is: helping others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors. I am convinced that I'm paying forward and earning a better life as I inspire and encourage any Endorsers or Sponsors with this endeavor to help others to achieve the most of his or her potential.



Request your size (Sm, Md, Lg or X-Lg) for either:
I can ship one gray T-shirt for each $23.00 donation
I can ship one white T-shirt for each $18.00 donation


                     Dear brother and sisters; my name, my clothes or how I wear my hair isn't important but what I say and practice is. In fact, everyone is defined by what he or she says and practices. Everyone eventually learns that Life is like a mirror, and a person receives or loses (multiplied) what he or she has invested or embezzled. Furthermore, there's only one constant in Life and that is change and the purpose of change is for evolution. Evolution from animals to humans is debatable, but evolving from the Flintstones (and Rotary-style-phones) lifestyle to this information-age (computers and Smart-phones) lifestyle isn’t. The people who don't change or adapt to become civilized and evolve like the U2's seem to disappear. Concluding this fact, most of the uncivilized (and/or) close-minded people are dead or in prison. Noticing the number of the graves, the populations of the prisons, the homeless, and the MHMR clients. It can easily be concluded that each one of us and our societies would benefit from there being more positive, peaceful and productive influential people in the many different environments. Environments (which I'd want to mention are) like at home, the (Walmart) grocery aisles, the commuting-ways, parking-lots (Walmart's Handicap parking-spaces) and people’s work-places. I, you and many others are in a position or two where a positive, peaceful and productive attitude can be an inspiration. Furthermore, "to receive wellness a person must first pay forward wellness (Al Christopherson, 1972-present)". International Peace and eventually the Garden of Eden for all shall manifest AFTER most people observe the Insights, understand and practice good Golden Rule principle habits. So, collectively we can inspire a Positive, Peaceful and Productive change in/of ourselves and the societies for ourselves, our children and their children. In addition, I know that a person who isn't lazy and endeavors to do well for Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind) THEN the people who are willing and in position to help, without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors, can and are more likely to assist that person in his or her needs. In addition, the Politicians, Company owners, Bosses and Leaders or Employers (who appreciate those who can make the businesses run proficiently and produce profits) can stimulate their revenues and good-workers if they corporate a higher minimum-wage and pay-raise incentives.

This item is $3.00 ea, plus shipping


                  I'm not Jesus, I've, been an Outlaw (rail-roaded by dump-truck-court appointed attornies), worked frustrating jobs, used manners without being respected and furthered my education, but I have compassion for others. Of which, equips me for this opportunity to help others, without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors. "If there is a Will then there's a way. Just keep both hands on the steering-wheel, (Jerry L. Winningham, 1977-present)" and if I can do well after the life which I had sufferd but lived THEN so can almost anyone.  Here's a summary of the insights to my understanding how to help others to become the most of his or her potential:  I've lost every material-thing's, which I've earned and many different-times. I've been shot, stabbed and left for dead more times than anyone who is still alive (Life has become much better since I left the drug business). Whether we play the blame game or not, I'm honored to have a Rocky kind of spirit. In fact, my name is Rocky Christopherson but I'm only 5'7" tall before and after this wheelchair. In addition, I only have nine and one half fingers (a result of a hunting accident when I was 15 yrs. old). I've lost most my fights since I was a Bully in the Public schools (as my apology to those victims, I hope this give each of them closure).  However, my struggles aren't against flesh 'n' blood but against the negative forces which constantly hinder people from becoming the most of his or her potential. Winning this war isn't for just me but also for others. Check this out, Life has knocked me down several times and I've wanted to quit several times (sound familiar) But, I keep getting up and back to overcoming the challenges which challenge anyone with a big Dream (or Vision). Fortunately for myself and for encouraging others, I have the "Will" to become the best person which I can be at becoming the most of my potential. I still cannot imagine my limit (or potential). We're all humans but some lack a Dream (or Vision). Anyone, who regulate's his or her own influences can learn the Insights, which develop the Understanding, needed to achieve the most of ones' potential. 


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Encouraging the Truth organization

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Luck favor's the prepared. So, prepare each day.




She influenced me, and I'm greatful
Thank-you Princess Diana


At 11-yrs of age, I began while delivering the Medford Mail tribune newspapers on my Western Flyer Schwinn bicycle in 
(what I like to say, because of the Shakespeare plays) "Shakespeare's  beautiful Jacksonville, Oregon".

As a result and several years down the road.
I and others in Cedar Hill, TX began this organization for promoting harmony and International Peace.
Many thanks to all especially two inspiring good mentor's J&G Jones and Chris Parvi of https://parvinlaw.com/), 
 I began this organization for promoting harmony and International Peace.